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Summer is Around the Corner in Montreal. Are You Ready?

The long-awaited summer is around the corner in Montreal. It means that very soon we will see an enormous amount of parties, festivals, concerts and other vibrant events. This wave of activity is both exciting and challenging, especially in a multicultural city like Montreal. At the same time, this is exactly the reason why private security becomes vitally important. Even if you host a relatively small party with 20-30 participants (especially when alcohol is involved) you need at least one professional security agent to keep an eye on the crowd and prevent any form of violence.




Private security is not the cheapest service in Montreal and some party organizers tend to handle security themselves or ignore security aspect whatsoever. Unfortunately, the risks are too high. The good news is that this summer Vendox offers more affordable and high-quality private security solutions that most party and event organizers in Montreal will be able to afford with ease. Based on your particular needs and circumstances we will provide you with qualified personnel that will make sure to keep your event smooth and safe. Unlike most other security companies in Montreal, we have no problem getting short notice requests. Even if your event starts in 2 hours, let us know and will do our best to help you. Have a great summer!