Workout supplement and meal replacement

Security Job in Montreal – Stamina, Endurance, and BH

It is not a secret that a private security agent job in Montreal is tough. Long night shifts, unexpected overtime, multiple hours of standing still or walking outside, harsh weather conditions and frequent temperature changes, as well as constant emotional and physical stress… all this can be quite challenging. At Vendox Group we help our Montreal security agents to discover the most efficient and trusted health supplements such as BCAAs, detox, multivitamins, and anti-oxidants that help to boost stamina and endurance while providing overall health support. We’ve recently tested a number of different products and today we want you to discover a new Canadian formula that combines several valuable features.

● A Comprehensive Workout Supplement
● An Efficient Meal Replacement
● Better Health Every Day

BH BioScience Anti-Aging cocktail features an intelligent Skip-a-Meal nutrition program. This breakthrough nutraceutical is a synergistic combination of essential amino acids, powerful antioxidants, and a number of other carefully selected ingredients proven to maintain optimal health. BH BioScience formula is designed by a Montreal-based physician Dr. Roman Rozencwaig, M.D. who is a world-renowned pioneer and researcher on melatonin and ageing.

BH BioScience supplement contains 25 carefully selected ingredients targeting a number of important health concerns from neuroprotection to vascular health. It is manufactured in Quebec and certified by Health Canada. BH BioScience supplement is also vegan-friendly.

● Powerful Anti-aging Properties
● Essential Amino Acids & Antioxidants
● Efficient Low-Calorie Diet
● Vascular Health
● Cognitive & Brain Function
● Lean Muscle Building Support


What do we like about it?

No matter what shifts you work, BH BioScience supplement is a great way to skip a meal during busy work hours while boosting your energy and proving your body with the right set of vital nutrients. So what you get with BH cocktail? You feel better and save on lunches. If you conduct regular physical training BH also helps you achieve your training goals faster. Isn’t it a win-win situation? We recommend mixing BH with a smoothie or almond milk and bring it to work on a daily basis.