Private Bodyguards in Montreal

Montreal Bodyguard Services

Just like any other large city with a rich historical and cultural background, Montreal at times becomes quite challenging in terms of personal safety. If you care about your security and require close protection, you have come to the right place. At Vendox Group we will provide you with highly trained bodyguards at an affordable price. Yes, we will offer you the best price in Montreal, but at the same time, we will never sacrifice on quality.




What Do We Call Quality Protection

We provide professional bodyguard services to a wide range of Montreal based clients as well as visitors from other cities and countries: corporate executives, celebrities, tourists, diplomats, or simply those who wish to “party in style” while being well protected. Vendox bodyguards are physically fit and experienced in various martial arts such as Krav Maga; Boxing; Ju-jitsu; Muay Thai, etc. Many of our bodyguards used to be professional or semi-professional athletes; some of them have police and military backgrounds.