Last minute security project in Montreal

Last Minute Project in Montreal? Vendox is Here to Help!

This summer was really hot in Montreal and so is your business venue. A lot of Montreal events are still scheduled before we wrap up our festive activity this year. While some nightlife, commercial or private projects in Montreal are carefully planned in advance, other ones end up being quite sporadic and spontaneous and this is where private security aspect may become problematic. You may ask yourself why security may ever be an issue if there are so many private security companies in Montreal? We don’t blame you! That is because most private security companies in Montreal and Quebec, in general, need an advance reservation. Of course, they will be pleased to provide you with their last-minute services, but their rates will be overwhelming.




At Vendox we understand how things go and how it is really hard to plan everything in advance. This is the reason why we are ready to provide our security services even if you call us last minute. 24 hours before the event? Not a problem… Same day order? You got it… You start, like in four hours? We will try to make it for you… Two hours? There is still a chance…

On top of our renowned quality and affordable rates, we are flexible and this makes us easy to work with. Our guards are trained and are able to efficiently respond in any situation, under any circumstances. Tactical uniform, black suit or undercover. Small and large teams. Call us at (514) 570-2847 to discuss your security needs in Montreal.