The Best Security Guard Company in Montreal

Are you looking for private security agents, guards, bouncers or bodyguards in Montreal? Welcome to Vendox Group! Vendox Security is a Montreal based private security agency serving Greater Montreal and surrounding areas. We provide our high quality and affordable security guard services to an extensive array of Montreal based organizations and venues that include weddings, constructions sites, schools, private parties, cinematographic production, bars, and nightclubs.

It is not easy to find quality security agents in Montreal if you have a limited budget. At the same time, there are cheap security companies in Montreal that can provide you with private security services, but lower price often comes with lower quality, hidden costs and unpleasant surprises such as service delays, service cancellations, and so on. We work in the field where safety, reliability, and precision are extremely important. We strongly believe that Vendox Group is the only Montreal security agency that offers high-quality private security services that are reliable, affordable, and flexible. At any time you can get a free quote by filling this form. We work 24 hours a day and try to answer quickly 🙂




Even if you already have your own security agents or work with another security company, we can rapidly provide backup or additional security staff on an on-call basis. At Vendox Group you can pick the type and outfit of your security agents (black security uniform, classic suite, or undercover). Please contact us for any additional information or if you would like to meet with us in person and discuss your security needs in Montreal.


Activity Sectors

  • Bars and Night Clubs
  • Commercial Centers and Shopping Malls
  • Residential Complexes
  • Hotels
  • Office Buildings
  • Special Events (Cultural, Weddings, Family Sports, etc.)
  • Community and Religious Centers
  • Gyms and Sports Centers
  • Theatres and Cinemas
  • Hospitals and Medical Centers
  • Construction Sites
  • Daycare, Schools, Colleges, and Universities

Why Vendox Security?

  • We have extensive experience in the field of private security in Montreal
  • We provide highly personalized security services
  • Our security guards and bouncers are well trained and reliable
  • We are flexible as we provide customized solutions that will fit your budget
  • We are affordable. (Just talk to us and we will beat any price!)




Vendox Security Founder

After getting his university diploma in the field of jurisprudence, the founder of Vendox Security has dedicated fifteen years to police service in the anti-organized crime department as well as witness protection department. This extensive experience that involved protecting judges and federal and municipal government officials, was coupled with five years of private security management in Montreal.


Our Montreal Security Personnel

  • Many Vendox guards are ex-police officers and ex-military (including special forces).
  • Some of our security guards have experience protecting government officials and participating in counter-terrorism operations in their countries of origin.
  • Some of our security guards are ex-professional athletes with a proven track record.
  • Our security agents are physically fit and most of them are experienced in martial arts such as boxing.